About this course

This Microsoft Outlook training class introduces the 2016 interface and gets students up and running quickly working with messages, calendars, and contacts.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Outlook 2016 Interface

This module explains how to work with the Ribbon, tabs, groups, commands, and the Backstage view.

  • Overview of the Outlook Interface
  • The Ribbon
  • Tabs, Groups, and Commands on the Ribbon
  • The Backstage View (File Menu)

Module 2: Performing Popular Tasks in Outlook 2016

This module explains how to perform a variety of basic tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  • Setting Up an Email Account
  • Open Email Messages
  • Open Email Messages
  • Reply to and Forward Email Messages
  • Preview and Save an Attachment
  • Print a Message
  • Delete a Message
  • Save a Message in an Alternate Format

Module 3: Working with Messages

This module explains how to work with messages in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  • Compose a Message
  • Add an Attachment
  • Add Voting Options
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Format Text
  • Use Microsoft Word to Edit Messages
  • Insert a Hyperlink or Image in a Message
  • Send a Message

Module 4: Working with the Calendar

This module explains how to work with the Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  • Change Your Calendar View
  • Set Up Availability Status
  • Print Your Schedule
  • Share Your Calendar
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Make Updates to Meetings
  • Cancel a Meeting
  • Reply to a Meeting Invitation
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Make Updates to an Appointment
  • Create Calendar Groups
  • Delete a Calendar
  • Work with Calendar Items
  • Using Multiple Calendars

Module 5: Organizing Contacts

This module explains how organize contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  • Add, Delete, Import, and Print a Contact
  • Update a Contact
  • Locate a Contact
  • Sort Contacts
  • Work with Contact Groups
  • Manage Multiple Address Books
  • Perform a Mail Merge

Module 6: New Features in Outlook 2016

This module explains how to use some new features in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  • Tell Me
  • Improvements to Attachments
  • New Chinese and Japanese Fonts
  • The Email Address Internationalization (EAI) Feature